Project 18 – Cocktail Brand: Professor Thomas' Dispensary


This project was a solution to a competition brief. The brief here was to create a brand that would encourage users at home to create homemade cocktails and it specifically asked for a focus to be made on the 'wealth of history behind cocktail making'.

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Project 17 – Image Making: The Handmade Issue


This project was rather different from other projects I had previously undertaken. It involved creating typography using a 'handmade' method. Essentially, it was to move away from technology and create something quite intricate.

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Project 16 – Art Direction: Brian May


The second project I undertook during this academic year was an Art Direction project based on Queen legend, Brian May.

This was a group project which had us focusing on his animal activism and protests against badger culling. 

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Project 15 – iPad Magazine: Timorous Beasties


For the first project of 2nd year, we were asked to design and create and interactive, moving iPad magazine.

We were each given a design company; mine being the Timorous Beasties. They are a textile and home furnishing design company, based in Glasgow.

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