The web design project was a follow on to the branding project I had just completed. As a quick reminder, I had branded a new Fishing Tackle Shop called Hook, Line and Sinker.

The project was overseen by Ted, another visiting lecturer. Our brief was to design a website with a home page and a couple of other pages relevant to our business/occupation.

We were not actually required to make the website functional, it was more about the design and how to fit it in with the brand we had already created. Therefore, the website would be made up of slides either on Adobe InDesign or Illustrator, later exported as a PDF.

I created a home page, about page, tackle, clothing and contact page.

Most of the slides are self-explanatory in the way they move. The logo first comes onto the page when you visit the website. The ‘sinker’ then drops down the page into the blue water and the words ‘tackle shop’ fade in.

Five floats, representing the navigation bar, float upwards from beneath the water. Each one of these represents a different page on the website. When a float is clicked, it sinks below the water and the text for the new page lowers onto the page as the images fade in.

When the user clicks onto another page, the text and images that are already displayed get lifted off the page by an animated hook that is lowered down next to the text. The text and images then either fade or are pulled off the screen.

The cycle then begins again when a new page is clicked.

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