Project 13 – Web: Hook, Line & Sinker


The web design project was a follow on to the branding project I had just completed. As a quick reminder, I had branded a new Fishing Tackle Shop called Hook, Line and Sinker.

The project was overseen by Ted, another visiting lecturer. Our brief was to design a website with a home page and a couple of other pages relevant to our business/occupation.

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Project 12 – Branding: Hook, Line & Sinker


My third project during the second semester focused on branding a new business or rebranding a current business.

We were each given an occupation/business to brand- mine being a Fishing Tackle Shop. I did not know much about fishing in general, so my first point of call was to visit a fishing tackle shop and get a good grasp on the whole industry.

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Project 11 – Packaging: Sleepy Tea


After completing my Type and Grids project of creating a magazine, it was now time to step into another area of graphic design; packaging.

I had not had much experience of designing packaging since GCSE level Graphic Design, however this was still one of the projects which I was most looking forward too.

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Project 10 – Type & Grids: El Lissitzky


Welcome to my Semester 2 projects! These are going to be a little different and you’ll find that I won’t be posting so often as the projects are roughly a month long instead of one week.

That being said, the first project we were given was a type and grids project; to create a magazine. It has to be complete with a front (optional back) cover, contents page and at least two double page spreads.

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