Project 17 – Image Making: The Handmade Issue


This project was rather different from other projects I had previously undertaken. It involved creating typography using a 'handmade' method. Essentially, it was to move away from technology and create something quite intricate.

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Project 16 – Art Direction: Brian May


The second project I undertook during this academic year was an Art Direction project based on Queen legend, Brian May.

This was a group project which had us focusing on his animal activism and protests against badger culling. 

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Project 15 – iPad Magazine: Timorous Beasties


For the first project of 2nd year, we were asked to design and create and interactive, moving iPad magazine.

We were each given a design company; mine being the Timorous Beasties. They are a textile and home furnishing design company, based in Glasgow.

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Project 14 – Summer: Cocktail Typography


It’s summer (well looking outside, its currently raining!) and it seems I haven’t blogged for a while!

This week’s project is my summer project; “to create a typeface using inspiration from whatever you find”.  Having been told to stay away from the computer for this project, we were asked to find something over the summer that inspired us.

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