Preston Graphic Design Degree show 'idea' is in progress...

The week of our degree show is here so it’s all very busy in the Victoria Building!

Details of our upcoming degree shows are below, we’re also showing at the New Blood Festival in July:

(Invites were sent out with a stamped message on the front reading... "Here it is, Preston's big degree show idea") 

You can follow the degree show progress on Instagram and branding for the degree show was done by Brandon Thomas.

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blogpost28 07 

Below are a few ‘behind-the-scenes’ pictures, but if you really want to see the ‘big’ ideas, I guess you’ll just have to come along!

Banner Printing:

blogpost28 05

Self branding:

blogpost28 01

Research Book:

blogpost28 04

Screenprinting Research Books:

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blogpost28 02

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