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I'm over the moon to have been announced as a winner of a D&AD New Blood award!

It still hasn’t properly sunk in! Lucy Child and I have won a New Blood D&AD pencil!

The brief here was to break down barriers for teenage girls in sport.

Mutually we decided on swimming (out of the given sports), as Lucy has just recently taken up swimming again and I had always enjoyed the sport. London was our chosen city as we thought that we could relate to it the most, and if needed, we could go down there for primary research.

Our research into swimming took us down many different routes, but the route that stood out most, linked the sport with the benefits for mental health. Swimming is unique as not only can you feel the benefits of exercise but whilst you are doing it you don’t feel sweaty in the same way you do in other sports. It’s calming and allows you to take time out which is important for mental health.



Teenage girls in London are becoming increasingly obsessed with social media, spending many hours a day scrolling through content, where the main focus is on appearance. This means girls don’t have the space to talk about how they feel inside, which is damaging their mental and physical wellbeing.

Swimming is the perfect sport to improve these, due to its unique qualities. Being immersed in water is calming, a way to totally shut off and quite literally, let your worries float away.

Adidas Pool will offer girls a safe space to think and talk about their wellbeing both online and offline. It will guide them to their local pool where they can find an escape from the pressures of daily life.

Swim, float, escape.


Below are our boards which we submitted as part of our entry; the main video can also be viewed below:

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