I'm excited to reveal the latest project I've been working on... the Animal Crew website!

**View online here**

I have spent the past month (and a bit!) working alongside Marcus and Mandy Bainbridge, the owners of Animal Crew, to create their new website. Animal Crew provides animals for TV, film and commercial productions. In fact, you have more than likely seen some of their animals on your screen!

The clients came to me with the wish of either revamping their existing site or starting fresh; but overall to create something more up-to-date. We decided it would be best to start again from scratch as this would mean they could have a site that would be responsive for mobile users (their existing website provider did not do this).

I researched various options for creating a site that would be easily editable for the client after I had finished creating it. Here, I came across Wix, which I had heard of before, but not had any experience in working with. The one thing that drew me to Wix was the easy interface used to create the site and the variety of existing templates that could be edited. I also liked that the site auto-generated a mobile version that would be optimised for a smaller screen size.

The client was extremely easy to work with and after a face-to-face meeting (where we also exchanged many of the images to add to the site) I got to work in setting up the new site structure and the creation of basic pages.

Besides working with a patient and communicative client, one of my favourite things about working on this site was the opportunity to add lots and lots of dogs and other cute animals to the site!

This has been a fantastic opportunity for myself to work more in web design (something which I had done in a previous internship but on a different platform) and work on a one-to-one with the client from start to finish.

Below are some screenshots from the desktop version of the site, but it can also be viewed online here.


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blogpost24 02


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