I'm pleased to announce the work on my second Be Beautiful Brochure is complete! Very exciting again to send it off to be printed!

**View online here**

As cliche as it sounds, it's always very exciting (and definitely rewarding!) when you press 'send' and pass your hard work onto the printers. They simply do the rest and knowing my work is going to be in the hands of many really gives me a confidence boost! I can only imagine what it will be like when working on much larger scale projects in the future.

Anyways, back to the brochure. This is the summer edition, hence the coral colour scheme agreed with Deborah, my client. Small tweaks were made from the previous edition which I completed last year. New treatments were to be added and price changes were also necessary. I definitely enjoyed working on the brochure again.

Below is a page by page view of the brochure, but again it's also available to view online thanks to John at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston. 

In comparison, the early 2017 purple version of the brochure I edited can be viewed on my blog here.

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