I'm very excited to announce that I've just sent the Be Beautiful Brochure off to the printers! I can't wait to receive a copy! 

**View online here**

I have been working for Be Beautiful for nearly a year now. The majority of the work I have done for Deborah has been Facebook Advertising and AdWords. I also frequently design flyers for the business, as well as flyers for North West Tattoo and Laser Hair Removal (the sister company).  

I was excited when Deborah asked me to update and design the content for her new brochure- the prospect of having my work in so many people's hands was unbelievable.  

Although I did not design the magazine entirely from scratch (some of the content did not require updating), I discussed with Deborah the new colour scheme change and had frequent meetings to make sure she got exactly what she wanted. 

Below is a page by page view of the brochure, but it's also available to view online thanks to John at Pumpkin Web Design in Preston. 

**Update- I'm also currently working on the summer version of the brochure which I will publish when finished!**

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