The narrative project had to focus on the unexpected. The brief consisted of having three images, one after the other where you could view the first two and not know what was going to happen in the third.

Simultaneously, the audience could also view the 1st and 3rd images and not know what had occurred between them both for the result in the 3rd image.

Many people chose to pick a famous painting, such as the Mona Lisa or The Creation of Adam, to start off with. This was something I also originally experimented with. I used Photoshop so it looked as though Adam was passing his shopping bags back to Adam (see the image)- however I was not sure how to create a ‘plot twist’ and have a bit of humour to go alongside this.


I therefore changed my path and decided to focus on other graphical elements that could be edited to give off a humorous side.

I decided to use road signs for my narrative and chose the road sign of the man at work. There has always been a joke within my family that this looks like a man with struggling to put up his umbrella- although I’m sure many people have seen this too!

I therefore decided to take the original road sign and alter it to fit my needs. I hand drew the figure on the road sign again and scanned and edited the original image to adapt it to my needs.

I don’t want to give much away about my narrative, so I will let the images do the rest of the talking!




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