This week’s brief was focused on the copywriting side of graphic design. The course leaders emphasised how graphic design sells by being witty, often through both graphics and words. This was the week to demonstrate our skills in a different, not-so visual, way.

We were not provided with an object to sell on eBay in an innovative way, this was one of the challenges we had to overcome. We were told to pick the most basic of objects and try and sell it as something fabulous and ‘out of this world’.

One of the examples the course had given us was a man on eBay who had cleverly tried to sell a pushchair on eBay a few years ago. Due to its clever copywriting- not even the object itself- the advertisement gained media attention and many bids were placed on the ad itself.

I chose to sell an old Nokia mobile phone, as they are well known for being durable and this lead to a series of memes being created on how ‘overly-durable’ they actually are.


This is my version of the eBay copywriting ad:


“My Nokia phone broke” – said no one ever.

Would you like a phone with a battery life that lasts longer than an hour?

Look no further – found this in the drawer the other day (haven’t seen it for at least 5 years) and low and behold it still has 2 bars of battery.

Complete with an internal antennae and the ability to send pre-installed picture messages to another phone – what more could you want?

With the ‘Chuck Norris’ of all phones you can make your own individual ringtones and the phone includes three games (of which 2 I have yet to figure out).

However, drop this on the floor and I’m afraid you’ll be asking for replacement tiles, not a replacement phone. T¬¬rust me, I know from experience, twice.

With this phone you can have up to 250 phone contacts saved and interchangeable covers are available too!

Got a temper on you or have small kids? Watch them throw your phone at a wall and it smash into 1000 pieces… the phone will be fine though.

And if that doesn’t sell it all, then it’s got the most addictive game known to man… SNAKE

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