The project theme this week was photography. Although this, at first, did not give much away about the type of one-week project that it would be, it soon became clear.

The aim of the project was to familiarise ourselves more with our surroundings, whilst completing the brief. Many of the students were unfamiliar to the city itself, so this pushed us to go out and explore what was on our doorstep.

Our brief was to take photos which had natural ‘faces’ within them. In other words, we had to find things that appeared to have two eyes, perhaps a nose, and a mouth. We could not stage and direct objects by bringing them together. Simply put; the ‘faces’ had to be found in nature or on man-made objects such as buildings.

This project was rather a challenge as often two eyes were visible but the mouth was not, or vice versa. It was one of those projects where it is harder than it looks- we had to make sure that the face was visible enough to be seen by other people too.

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