Following an introduction to the course and the course leaders I was introduced to my first project at university. This project explored looking into one specific word and researching the different ways it could be portrayed.

The final format would be an A2 sheet with ten images mounted in the centre.

The word I was given was ‘money’. My initial thoughts were that it could be portrayed internationally; using different currencies to represent my idea.

I looked deeper into the connotations that money had and explored how it related to colour, texture, sound, people, films and culture.

Initially I had struggled to represent people who related to money (I did look into the Rothchilds Family but found that few of them were recognisable to a general audience) however with the help of my course leader I found that Gareth Bale related to money being the world record holder for a transfer fee.

My final 10 images are shown above- most of them are self-explanatory and it’s clear how they relate to money!