Dream Destinations

Global temperature is increasing, causing sea levels to rise.

By 2050 many low-lying island nations known for their pristine beaches, bustling tourism and rich culture, will be threatened with the daunting reality of ceasing to exist.

Dream destinations will be the first to go.

Destinations that everyone hopes to visit.


Dream* Destinations is an initiative sponsored by Greenpeace, that puts pressure on the UK government, to follow through with their signatory on the Paris Climate Agreement; even after we leave the European Union.

The UK should maintain its commitments on climate change, irrespective of Brexit.

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Brexit has taken up the front pages of our news for the past 3 years, but it doesn’t hide the fact that behind the scenes, Climate Change is still happening and the time to act is now.

We need to save the world; to give aid to the most vulnerable areas of the planet, corners of the globe which our children may not even get the chance to explore.

There is strength in numbers and if we all get involved, we can grab the government’s attention and make sure they follow through on their climate change promises.