2021 has been a very different experience for everybody, here is a snippet of what I have been up to...

The last 18 months for everyone has been met with challenges, struggles, reflection, positives, negatives, loss…. this pandemic time has been a different experience for everybody.

The quiet in London has been nice in a way, to be able to take my morning bike ride to the office has felt extremely different to my normal busy commute.

With my parents living overseas I felt really proud when they managed to fly across to visit in June, when I was able to show them one of my recent projects in the city.

Alongside designing the artwork on this large-scale hoarding for a new outdoor space in the city, I have created a welcoming and inviting setting by organising the staging for a large, commercial office space available for rent. From choosing tables and chairs, to designing the artwork for the walls, even down to purchasing yoga mats and greenery it has been such a great and fun thing to do.

As the world is opening up more, businesses are looking with fresh new eyes at how to present themselves. I have been working alongside developers to design and create websites giving some businesses the opportunity to refresh their look, or even to have a more online presence. This has given me the opportunity to further develop my animation skills; something I have really loved doing!

Of course, we are always busy meeting and pitching for new opportunities with new clients in the calm times in-between. It is something I really enjoy doing and is rewarding to see a project from initial ideas, implementation and through to completion and I am always happy to share a cheeky bottle of fizz with the team when this happens!

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