It's very strange to think, that roughly a year ago, we had just had our degree show private viewing.

I remember the feeling of relief, of having finished everything, but also the sadness that university was also over. There was a feeling of realisation that we wouldn’t be spending each and every day, together as a course, in the graphics studios.

The anticipation was also building for the D&AD New Blood Awards… knowing that we had won a pencil but not knowing what colour it would be! The New Blood Festival was also approaching, and it was super exciting (but also daunting) to know that we would properly meet ‘the industry’, and chat to other graphic designers. 

Little did I know that a month later, I would be moving down to London for my dream job, moving in with one of my best friends and starting the next chapter of my life!

But how long ago does that seem!!

A year later, I want to reflect on the goings-on and say that it has honestly been the most exciting year of my life! I have really got into a routine with living in London and I am honestly loving it! I am thoroughly enjoying the work and the projects I have been working on. I have also had the chance to finally finish a few personal projects too.

blogpost32 04

I have taken up cross stitching again, (something I did as a child but hadn’t really kept up with) and had the chance to decorate a clog (as funny as it sounds!). I bought this whilst on placement in Amsterdam. Finally I have also decorated a clay pumpkin, which I moulded at a craft workshop. Such a weird collection of little things, but I am feeling super happy and glad to have both finished and have undertaken different types of creative projects.

blogpost32 02

I’ve also taken the time to brush up on my animation skills on After Effects ad started doing digital illustration (something which I have always wanted to try but never had the time to do before!).

Below is a digital illustration of myself and my dad at graduation:

blogpost32 05

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